The interior design of detached house in Borowo

Client: private

Status: planned completion works – beginning of 2019

The interior design of a single family home assumes a combination of warm and modern minimalism of the interior with delicate classical and rustic details. Oak, stone and steel became the dominant material. Major colors – shades of brown, warm gray and anthracite. In the living room, there were revealed timber and steel roof construction. This procedure creates a warmer, more homely atmosphere and reveal the interior detail in the attic area. The dominant element that centralizes the space is the chimney, connecting the living room with a mezzanine and stairs. Bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen were matched to the aesthetics of the whole house – a combination of modern minimalism with a rustic and classic Investor’s furniture. Planned completion works – beginning of 2019. Designed for a private Investor.


Wnętrza domu jednorodzinnego w Borowie

Inwestor: prywatny

Status: realizacja planowana na 2019


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